Would you like a way to pay your child’s tuition by putting your regular household shopping dollars to work?  We’re pleased to share the exciting news about a new way to do just that.  It’s called “electronic scrip”, and it’s simple to use.  The choice is yours—you can purchase instant  e-mail gift cards or physical gift cards.  Ever wish someone else could pitch in and help pay your child’s tuition?  You can share this information with Grandma, Grandpa, your family, friends and neighbors.  It’s not limited to your purchases only.  They simply note on their enrollment papers who they want the rebates to go to. The more participants we have the more you earn!


Scrip puts your regular household shopping dollars to work.  You earn money for our school without spending a single additional penny.  Just spend your regular shopping dollars with scrip at the stores that participate in the scrip program.  The list of retailers is extensive.  Among them you’ll find companies like Target, Starbucks, Lowes, Marshalls, and Panera Bread.  The list will continue to grow since we’re adding local companies to maximize our earning potential.  We’ve been well received by all of the vendors we’ve contacted thus far.


Scrip benefits all of the participants.  We get a powerful fundraising alternative that involves no selling.  And our school receives a regular source of revenue.  The retailer gets cash up front and repeat business.


There are 3 options for applying your rebates.  You can donate or apply them to:

Your Student’s Tuition

Another Elliot Student’s Tuition, of your choosing

Jim Elliot’s General Fund


To get started, select the Enrollment/Information Packet button to print comprehensive instructions and your enrollment form. You’ll turn the enrollment form into the school office. Then select the shopwithscrip button to start shopping.  We think you’ll find the entire process to be very user friendly.  But, if you have any questions, just select our e-mail link and we’ll respond.  We can even walk you through the entire process, if you list your phone number.


Happy Shopping!!


Carolyn Wuest

Scrip Program Coordinator


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