Renweb - Parent Access to Student Information


Jim Elliot Christian High School provides parents access to their student’s grades, attendance, calendar message center and automatic email alerts through the student management software called Renweb.

Renweb also provides school personnel with general contact information.


To log in go HERE or use the link at the top of the JECHS homepage. Log into Renweb with the user name and password given to you by JECHS. These are given out before

school starts in an email you will receive.


It is important that if you change the password given to you, your new password should be of sufficient length and complexity to protect your student's data. Jim Elliot protects your student's data with multiple safeguards. Changing your password to a "weak" password (i.e. your dog’s or cat’s name) is highly discouraged and can place your student's data at risk. Keep in mind that passwords are case sensitive.


These office handles all personal contact information change requests, emergency contact updates and password problems.

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